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How to be successful and smooth your Common Criteria evaluation project?

Date: 18th November, 2021, 14:30-17:30 CET 

Location: ONLINE (link will be sent to attendees)

Participation is FREE, but subject to registration.




Are you thinking of starting a Common Criteria evaluation project? Let us help with best practices from our professionals.

Have you already had a CC evaluation before, but you would like the next one to be even faster and smoother?

During this workshop, we will share necessary technical information, best-practices in order to help you through the process!

Main topics we will discuss:


cclab-logo14:30: Opening speech - Imre Fodor (Head of Laboratory, CCLab)

cclab-logo14:40:  Overview of Common Criteria and EUCC - Hendrik Dettmer (Head of IoT Security, Lab, TÜV TRUST IT)

A general explanation of the CC landscape and a hint of the upcoming EUCC Scheme


15:05:   Are you ready? - Jonatán Bodó (Sales Manager, CCLab)

Tips and tricks for preparing the evaluation.


15:30:  Keys and Guidance on successfully navigating Common Criteria - Matthew Appler (CEO, Corsec)

The role and importance of consultancy in CC projects, cooperation with client & Test Lab from the consultant's point of view.


15:55:   Coffee break 


16:05:   How to make the process effective & smooth?

 How to avoid typical mistakes? -  dr. Katalin Szűcs (COO | Evaluator, CCLab) / Gergő Czuczor (Qualified Evaluator | Pentester)

                   Document evaluation & pentesting - Two important phases of your CC evaluation project


16:40:   How we experienced CC evaluation process as a client -  Alexander Testov (Senior Product Certification Manager, Kaspersky Lab Inc.)

                   Kaspersky's client experience.


17:05:   Q&A and Closing


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Imre Fodor

Head of Laboratory

CCLab Ltd.

Imre is the Head of Laboratory at CCLab, a qualified Common Criteria evaluator with 25 years of experience in the field of Information Technology Security. Imre leads the group of evaluators at CCLab in 2 different laboratories located in Budapest and Debrecen. He also has extensive knowledge in Swiss Smart Meter and FIDO evaluations, and long-term experience in consultancy and product vulnerability analysis.


Hendrik Dettmer

Head of IoT Security Lab


Hendrik is the Head of IoT Security Laboratory at TÜV TRUST IT since 2017. He holds a diploma in IT Security. Mr. Dettmer has already in-depth industry knowledge as a previous Security Manager in AEVI a subsidiary in the corporation of Diebold Nixdorf.  Before this position, he was employed at SRC GmbH in Bonn for 5 years as a consultant in the area of financial services and Common Criteria evaluations..


Jonatán Bodó

Sales Manager

CCLab Ltd.

Jonatan, as the Sales Manager of CCLab is responsible for onboarding of clients. He gives consultancy and supports his customers with market insights, regulation updates and business opportunities. Business Informatics Engineer by education, committed to cybersecurity, with experience in identity management solutions and cryptography.


Matthew Appler

Chief Executive Officer

Corsec Security Inc.

Matthew Appler has led Corsec to become the undisputed leader of the IT security product validation and certification industry. Matthew not only defines the company’s strategic vision, he makes it a reality by applying his extensive expertise to Corsec’s daily operations. Over the past 20 years, Matthew has helped validate a wide array of hardware, software, and firmware products.


Gergő Czuczor

Qualified Evaluator | Pentester

CCLab Ltd.

Gergely is a cybersecurity enthusiast who enjoys finding vulnerabilities before the bad guys could do so. He is working as a Qualified Evaluator at CCLab, as he has successfully passed the exam held by OCSI for both documentation and operational profiles. Other than that, he has also passed two exhausting OSCP and OSWE exams.


dr. Katalin Szűcs

COO | Evaluator

CCLab Ltd.

Katalin is the Head of Compliance at CCLab, a Certified Evaluator under the Italian CC Scheme, and has 15+ years of experience in the IT security field. Her strong background in project management and deep understanding of Common Criteria regulations gives her insights into the challenges of a CC evaluation process.


Alexander Testov

Senior Product Certification Manager Kaspersky Lab Inc.


Alexander is the Senior Product Certification Manager at Kaspersky, who has 8+ years of experience in full certification cycle of
enterprise cybersecurity software. Alexander is responsible for compliance evaluation of wide range of Kaspersky's products both
locally and internationally (including Common Criteria certification), with record of dozens of successfully passed evaluations.

Event host:

Kamilla Tóth

Chief Operating and Marketing Officer

CCLab Ltd.