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Date: 9th June, 2022, 14:30-17:30 CET 

Location: ONLINE (link will be sent to attendees)

Participation is FREE, but subject to registration.




Do you have Common Criteria certification already? Are you planning for the next one?

Our Common Criteria workshop continues! 

This time our experts will introduce you to the details of Common Criteria, clarify the most important questions and help you guide through the complete evaluation process. We will help you get inspired and also present our new educational material that helps you to get your product certified in a uniquely short time.

Join our workshop and ask your questions, you will get immediate answers during the event.

Main topics during the 

Common Criteria certification workshop - Part 2.:


cclab-logo14:30: Opening speech - Imre Fodor (Head of Laboratory, CCLab)

cclab-logo14:40:  Latest updates on EUCC scheme - Hendrik Dettmer (Head of IoT Security, Lab, TÜV TRUST IT)

What to expect?


15:05:   The future role of national schemes - dr. Katalin Szűcs (COO | Evaluator, CCLab)

Potential changes in evaluation processes.


15:30:  BSI vs. OCSI - Bence Szabó (Qualified evaluator, CCLab)

Differences between the German and Italian scheme.


15:55:   Coffee break 


16:05:   Best practices for Common Criteria - zero to hero -  Jonatán Bodó (Sales Manager, CCLab)

                   Product evaluation can be done within 4 months. 


16:40:   Introducing CCGuide, our new CC educational tool -  Dániel Király (Qualified evaluator, CCLab)

                      How to prepare developer docs in an easy & cost-effective way.


17:05:   Q&A 

mockup forgatott

Register and be a member of our early access program and get a 50% discount on our new

CC educational material!

Developer document templates and tutorial videos for successful preparation

Stay with us until the end

 and join our experts for a discussion and Q&A about how to achieve a successful and smooth Common Criteria evaluation project in a short time.




Imre Fodor

Head of Laboratory

CCLab Ltd.

Imre is the Head of Laboratory at CCLab, a qualified Common Criteria evaluator with 25 years of experience in the field of Information Technology Security. Imre leads the group of evaluators at CCLab in 2 different laboratories located in Budapest and Debrecen. He also has extensive knowledge in Swiss Smart Metering data security evaluations, and long-term experience in consultancy and product vulnerability analysis.


Hendrik Dettmer

Head of IoT Security Lab


Hendrik is the Head of IoT Security Laboratory at TÜV TRUST IT since 2017. He holds a diploma in IT Security. Mr. Dettmer has already in-depth industry knowledge as a previous Security Manager in AEVI a subsidiary in the corporation of Diebold Nixdorf.  Before this position, he was employed at SRC GmbH in Bonn for 5 years as a consultant in the area of financial services and Common Criteria evaluations..


Jonatán Bodó

Sales Manager

CCLab Ltd.

Jonatan, as the Sales Manager of CCLab, is responsible for the onboarding of clients. He consults and supports his customers with market insights, regulation updates, and business opportunities. Business Informatics Engineer by education, committed to cybersecurity, with experience in identity management solutions and cryptography.


Dániel Király

Qualified Evaluator

CCLab Ltd.

Daniel is a cybersecurity enthusiast who enjoys threat modeling and risk analysis. He is working as a Qualified Evaluator and Business Development Technical Solution Architect at CCLab, as he has successfully passed the exams held by OCSI and BSI. He plans and performs ISO 27001, ISO/SAE 21434, and ISA/IEC 62443-4 audits and helps with the onboarding and training of new colleagues.


dr. Katalin Szűcs

COO | Evaluator

CCLab Ltd.

Katalin is the Head of Compliance at CCLab, a Certified Evaluator under the Italian CC Scheme, and has 15+ years of experience in the IT security field. Her strong background in project management and deep understanding of Common Criteria regulations gives her insights into the challenges of CC evaluation projects.


Bence Szabó

Qualified Evaluator

CCLab Ltd.


Bence is an experienced penetration tester, who has been dwelling in the world of cybersecurity and ethical hacking for several years. He is qualified as a Common Criteria evaluator under both the German and Italian schemes and has also accumulated expertise by leading several Swiss Smart Metering data security evaluations. He enhances and keeps his skills up-to-date by completing various hacking courses and earning well-renowned certifications such as OSCP and OSEP.

Event host:

Kamilla Tóth

Chief Operating and Marketing Officer

CCLab Ltd.



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